Cassie Okenka Voice Studio

What I Do

Vocal Technique

The bread and butter; the foundation of any and all great singers of the stage and shower. I will help you sing in a relaxed, healthy, fun, and supported musical manner in a variety of styles and genres.

Singing for Dancers

We will find your voice to make you feel confident and prepared to nail that singing audition.

Singing for Anxious Singers

We will build confidence in your voice and material so that you will walk into the room and nail it. Every. Single. Time. We will prepare pre-audition routines to help release tension and give you tools to help harness any fear. 

Acting the Song /Vocal Coaching

We will explore the composer’s musical clues that can influence smart, specific, and actable choices. With a musical eye, I will help you delve into the character and find the nuances to make your work shine.

Acting Coaching

Exploring a character by investigating at given circumstances, body awareness, and environmental clues in monologues/scenes.

Audition Prep 

For High School, College, Amateur and Professional, I will help you walk into the room confidently knowing your audition material supports the star you are.

Lessons for Children

 Start young with good technique, having fun, building confidence, and becoming a skilled singer throughout growing phrases.

Beginning Music Theory

 Tools and tricks to help break down beginning music theory for easier sight singing.

Virtual lessons 

If we can’t collaborate in person, we can meet in the Zoom Room!

Need something else not listed? Here is a great list of RESOURCES!