Happy Almost New Year!

Happy Tuesday!

One big thing I love about my voice studio is my studio classes. It’s a chance for my singers to come together, get to know each other, lift each other up, and sing some tunes. And every now and then, I bring in special guests from the industry. I try to expose my singers to people they may not normally know, but who I think are leaders and kind humans, on both sides of the table. This year included Alan H. Green, JoAnn Hunter, and Danny Sharron

But, I up the ante. Normally studio class is free, but with special guests, I charge a fee. The fee gets spent on a donation to the Guest’s favorite charity. And I am so so so proud that during this tough year, The studio has been able to donate over $350 this year to the Ali Forney Center, Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries, and Hole in the Wall Gang. This includes my mission that “artistic growth should not be dictated by financial stability”, and I’ve been able to have 2 students on scholarship to extend the ability to grow as a singer without going broke. Trying to change the world!

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