November is Here!

Time for some Voice Facts!


According to Ingo Titze, director of the National Center for Voice and Speech at the University of Utah, it would be nearly impossible to create an instrument that could elongate and vibrate exactly the way human vocal cords do.

Ingo Titze also is the person who made Straw Work popular! You know I love straw work!

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Studio Class Update

Just finished a beautiful Studio Class with the magical Alan H. Green and was so enthralled, I forgot to grab a picture! However, I would love to share with you some wise words we all learned.

Be courageous, truthful, and activated as an artist.

Can’t wait for the next one! If you would like to participate or observe, make sure you take a lesson with me at least 3 months prior.

The Tongue!

If you’ve ever taken a lesson with me (And if you haven’t….what are you waiting for!?), you know I love to have you take “Inventory” of what’s going on in your body. Though it’s hard to “feel” things that don’t have nerve endings. So, then we focus on imagery! Here is a great example of ways to imagine sound and singing and getting that tongue involved!

Shout out to friends and beautiful voices

I was lucky enough to convince friends and colleagues to sing beautiful group songs for me. With help, it was presented at the popular Feinstein’s/54 Below. This is Waitress’ Emily, Beetlejuice’s Natalie and Kinky Boots’ Kevin. Listen to each individual voices and great blend!

Hearing ringing in your ears?

With all of us doing so many virtual activities, and using headphones, we are putting our ears into over drive. Do you ever hear ringing? It may be tinnitus!

Sound Waves Look Like What!?

Check out this YOUTUBE to see how sound waves look when put into a digital component! The sound waves are picked up, and you can see what resonances are being thrown into overdrive on the right! Notice how it changes between 17 (!) different styles. Notice how in the Opera sound, the bottom and 2nd points are the strongest, but a jump into musical theatre land, it changes to that the 3rd and above strands are longer!

Hamilton for All!

How lucky we are to be alive right now! During this socially distant time of civic unrest, we are given a tiny gift of a beautifully edited stage production on Disney+. I was lucky enough to open a show (School of Rock) the same season as Hamilton, and was able to see it before the cast recording came out. This show is important in so many ways outside the theatre community, and this is one of my favorite reasons why. This article breaks down all the sneaky “Easter Eggs” Lin-Manuel Miranda put into his show. From a Gilbert and Sullivan tune, to a Jason Robert Brown reference, to a TON of homages to Hip Hop Greats like DMX, Biggie, and Mary J. Blige among others. Check it out!